Friday, January 1, 2016

1.1.11 - 1.1.16

Thank You!

Setelah 5 tahun, blog ini akan ditutup.

Terimakasih keatas sokongan padu anda selama ini.

Eskrim 20sen

Dua Kosong Satu Enam

Biarlah siapa diri kita ini, setiap insan sentiasa mengharapkan kebaikan, kedamaian, ketenangan dalam kita miniti titian hidup.

Tiada seseorang pun yang ingin mengharapkan yang sebaliknya.

Walau apa pun jua harapan kita, jangan kita lupa sandaran kita pada yang satu, berserta niat yang sempurna, kerana itu adalah punca terkabulnya harapan kita.

Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru 2016.

ps: Tahun yang baru. Pengharapan yang baru.

Harapan (Wings)

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Star Wars - Every Generation Has A Story

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away......

Whenever I hear the movie theme, till this very day, I felt both emotional and nostalgic at the same time.

The formidable sound of John William's music score, 'hyper-spaced' me back to my childhood, where I grew up as the 1st Star Wars generation!

Star Wars - A New Hope (1977)

Yes, it is still fresh in mind, when dad brought me to catch the first Star Wars movie - A New Hope.

I reminisced the time we were seated back in the cinema, watching the famed Star Wars scroll crawling from the bottom of the movie screen, wondering what to expect next.

It was then in the 70's and I was only 5 years of age.

As a kid, I was fascinated to see laser guns, light sabers, huge spacecrafts, alien like creatures and so many droids in one movie. We don't get to see such things in the 70's, apart from Space 1999 on TV.

I clearly remembered how horrified I was when Darth Vader first appeared on the cinema screen. I thought Vader could have been be a space ghost or something! He was quite a terrifying figure.

 As I grew up, I began to understand the concept of the whole saga. Since then, me and dad have never missed any of the Star Wars Original Trilogy. We did watch other space movies too, but Star Wars is one exception!

The Empire Strikes Back, Ep. 5 (1981)

Just like Luke and Vader, going for Star Wars movies had been a father and son mission for both of us. Dad and I - We became great Star Wars fans!

Our last Star Wars movie together was Return of The Jedi. It was the final episode of the original trilogy.

It was in 1983, dad brought us to Broadway Cinema at Ang Mo Kio.

Darth Vader died after saving his son from the Evil Emperor. Luke finally found his twin sister and after that, no one knows exactly what happened to the Empire after the trilogy ended.

Return Of The Jedi, Ep. 6 (1983)

 After many years, sadly, dad passed on...

I may have lost my dear father , but the memories watching Star Wars with him still remain... :'(

Star Wars Episodes 4, 5, 6

My Star Wars DVD collection

Just before the millennium, the Star Wars prequels trilogy started. I was in my youth.

The Phantom Menace, Ep.1 (1999) , Attacks Of The Clones, Ep.2 (2002) and Revenge Of The Sith, Ep, 3 (2005), all have gained nothing but dissatisfaction among the seasoned Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

Unlike the old trilogy, I don't feel much excitement after watching them. Apart from the over use of special effects and CGI, I think how the story plots were put together on screen were disappointing. I felt sorry for all the younger fans.

Star Wars Episodes 1, 2, 3

The prequels were exaggerated and with too many flaws.  I find them far too sophisticated and advanced (at that point of time), that it somehow don't seem to blend with the old. Star Wars has lost it's magic.

I have never like the prequels and never wish to link with the original trilogy....or maybe, watching those prequels movies alone, without dad, doesn't feel the same way anymore. ;(

 So, now is the new beginning of the next trilogy after the death of Darth Vader!

 The Force Awaken Ep.7, a movie which clocked back 32 years in the making, has been the most awaited movie of all time!

The Force Awaken, Ep 7. (2015)

For all 1st generation of Star Wars fans, this movie could be our last hope to restore the balance in the force, after the flopped prequels.

And for old fan boy like me, what is more exciting, the chance to see the return of your childhood casts - Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Harrison Ford (Hans Solo), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Anthony Daniels (C3PO) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) back into their characters, which they started off nearly 40 years ago!

The Original Star Wars 

The Star Wars Pioneer Generation

Wookies never get old

Well of course, I don't expect to see much actions from these 'Pioneer Generation' galactic heroes. But I am sure their presence in this movie will give a smooth transition into the next chapter of Star Wars and bring the old glory back.

It is sad that dad is no longer here to catch this next sequel. But on a happier note, I will no longer be watching Star Wars alone this time!

Just like dad, I guess, this is the moment that I'll bring along my 5-year old little boy for his very first Star Wars movie soon!

Ryz and the X-Wing

Who would have thought, back in 1983, that I shall be watching the next continuing episode of Star Wars, not with dad anymore, but with my own son!

I hope little junior will be awed with excitement watching the movie, just like how I did.....a long time ago.

Star Wars Ep.7 - The Force Awakens review

ps: Every generation has a story. Thanks, abah. I missed you ;')

Star Wars Theme

Friday, December 25, 2015

Khutbah Jumaat Citer Pasal Star Wars

Salam Juma'ah...

Someone shared this article on FB. I find it relevant in today's context. Therefore, I shared this with you.


Alhamdulillah, I consider myself lucky that I went to IIBF mosque today for Jumaah prayers. The khutbah was very enlightening as it talked about the life lessons one can get from Watching Star Wars.

Yep, I didn't stutter there. The khatib delivered the sermon very well, mixing references to Jedis, Yoda, Darth Vader etc. with hadith and verses from the Quran. There were three points that the khatib talked about, I'll try to paraphrase them and hope the message gets across intact:

1) In every episode of Star Wars the main plot is mainly the struggle between the Dark Side and the Force, and Jedis are the individuals who will rise and restore balance to the world.

A similar concept exists in Islam, where people who restore balance in religion are called mujaddid. Jedis are a select group of people, with special training and wisdom, and they are often reminding each other to enjoin in good deeds, and to practice restraint. If we reflect on this, this is exactly what is prescribed by verse 3-4 of Surah Al-Asr, so there are strong parallels between the path of the Jedi and the path of the Muslim.

2) Yoda has a famous quote that says 'Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to hate, hate leads to anger, and anger leads to suffering.'

If we look at the current state of Muslims around the world, with refugee situations in Myanmar and Syria, IS etc, all of these are end results of fear on the parts of governments, authorities and society as a whole.

In Islam, the way to conquer fear is through knowledge. For example, Anakin went to the Dark Side because he was afraid that his mom and Padme would die, and when they both died his anger propelled him to become Darth Vader. One could imagine that if he had confronted his concerns and sought understanding of the meaning of death, then there will be no more fear and hence no suffering.

3) The first 6 episodes of Star Wars essentially chronicles the journey of Anakin Skywalker from the path of the Jedi, then to the Dark Side and eventually his redemption.

A lot of our life mirrors this, as we are human and are prone to committing sins. It was interesting to see that even though Darth Vader had almost wiped out all of the Jedi and is responsible for the deaths of millions of lives on multiple planets, when confronted by Luke who believed there's still some good left in his father, he flips the script by throwing Emperor Palpatine into the pit instead of his own son.

The khatib made two observations on this: one, no matter how bad we are as parents, our children will always see some good in us. And two, no matter how great our sins are, Allah's mercy is boundless and the door to repentance is always wide open.

I have listened to many sermons and not once did I thought of sharing one in my FB. But today as I intently listened, while most of the congregation nodded and smiled (quite rare to see normally - most would be sleepy), I felt compelled to share what I heard. My three regrets were I didn't record the khutbah, I couldn't linger to get the name of the khatib and didn't get a chance to shake his hand.

Brother, if you are reading this; keep up the good work! You hit the spot when you said that even a popular fiction can enrich your soul, it's just a matter of perspective.

To all friends, feel free to share this; and next time if you're nearby Pusat Bandar Damansara and looking for a spot to perform your prayers, then do drop by the IIBF mosque. Peace!

Bakar Agil.


You may view his article at this link >>

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nasi Ambeng - Hajjah Mariam Cafe

Bob's last day tu hari...

So kiter orang pakat blanja dia makan nasi ambeng kat Hajjah Mariam Cafe.

Sampai jer kat kedai tu, que dah start memanjang. Seating capacity quite limited, walopon dorang ader tambah a few more tables outside the premises.

Aku nekad jer que pasal nak blanja si bob.

Sampai jer aku nyer turn to order, aku pon buat ler muka sedih kat kakak jaga cashier tu.

"Kak, kiter dtg 5 orang nak makan. abeh tempat dudok tak ader nie, mcm mana??" aku berkata dgn nada sedih sambil mengusap2 perot boncet aku nie menandakan aku sangat2 lapar!

"Takpe dik. Akak carik kan tempat dudok." Kakak cashier pon suroh abang pembantu tu carik kan tempat dudok utk kiter berlima.

Sambil tu, aku pon order nasi ambeng dgn kakak tu. Aku amik servings for 2 and 3. Total $41

Abt 5 minit later, meja dan makanan dah tersedia. Walopon ramai org, tapi service dorang memang cepat!

They are so fast that kawan2 aku blom sampai, makanan dah sampai dulu!

Sambil menunggu yg lain, aku pon dok seronok tengok citer Labu-Labi yg dorang mainkan kat TV tuu..ekekee

When kawan2 aku sampai, tanpa hege2, kiter pon bedal laaa...

Agak2 nasi ambeng dorang sedap tak??

Rata2 kawan2 aku kata lauk ambeng dorang memang best! Makan sehingga menjilat2 dulang. Takde yg tak best.

Biler tengah makan halfway, teringat plak Kak Lin ckp asam pedas dorang best.

So, Yat mintak ler kuah asam pedas sikit nak rasa makan dgn nasi ambeng. Yat nie bini dia orang melaka. SO tak bole tipu dia pasal asam pedas! Kakak kasi semangkuk asam pedas FREE!

Perghhh! Terangkat ler asam pedas kedai Hajjah Mariam nie! Pekat dan terasa nikmat asam pedas nyer! Yat ckp asam pedas dorang memang power!

Kiter pon kepoh tanyer siapakah orang yg bernama Hajjah Mariam nie??

Malangnyer, Hajjah Mariam takde kat kedai tu hari. Dia gie mesjid mengajar ugama.

Well, since tak dapat kasi compliment kat Puan Hajjah Mariam, aku kasi lah compliment kat blog aku nie ye...ehehe

Layanan memuaskan, masakan memang sedap2 belaka, harga berpatutan. Satu kepala = $8 (Ok lah tuu!)

Cuma portion nasi putih kurang sikit ler kalo nak dibandingkan kat Pu3.

Tips untuk makan kat Hajjah Mariam Cafe:-

Kalo korang nak try makan kat sana, try datang after lunch hour. Aku perhatikan, by 2pm orang dah tak ramai. So senang sikit korang chop tempat dudok.

Nasi ambeng nie seronok kalo makan beramai sedulang. Makan sorang2 tak best. Kalo korang takde geng utk makan bersama, ajak jer aku. Heheheheee...

Makan nasi ambeng nie paling best makan dgn tangan. Takde makna nyer makan nasi ambeng makan pakai sudu garpu. Kalo korang ader rakan cina, paksa dorang makan pakai tangan jugak!

Overall, we are satisfied and the food is up to our expectation. Memang puas hati!

Untuk lebih lanjut, lungsuri website berikut >>

ps: Terimakasih Hajjah Mariam Cafe! Lain kali kiter datang lagi :)

Yang Mana Satu (P.Ramlee & Saloma)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mana boleh, mana TAK boleh?

Minggu lepas hujan lebat. Tapi, bukan itu yg aku nak blog.

Wassapp group aku kecoh bile Azman post gambar sebuah skuter dgn side car yg mempunyai 3 orang pillion! (Lihat gambor atas)

Azman tanyer kalo cegini insurance cover tak??

Aku suroh ler dia gie tanyer si Wak, pasal bini Wak tu traffic police...

According tu Wak, bende mcm gini tak approved.

"Tak approve..only 1 pillion approved at 1 time."

"Insurance tak cover..LTA tak approve." sambung Wak lagi.

"For m/cycle cumer cover 1 pillion je. Even for apek jual aiskrim atau cacat...still 1 pillion je

Gini pon tak bole....

K, nie dah melampau!

So, kesimpulan nyer, walopon berapa ramai motor kau bole bawak, insurance coverage tetap 1 rider & 1 pillion aje.

Tak bole lebih dari itu. Ader paham??

Ah, macam gini boleh! 1 rider + 1 pillion

ps: Jgn pepandai buat undang2 sendiri. Mati katak saper nak tanggung??

Les Espaces & Les Sentiments (Vanessa Paradis)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Vape meruntuhkan moral

Nih aku nak cakap sikit pasal 'penyakit' zaman hipster...

Skrg tgh kecoh kat fb pasal vape dah kena ban. Bagus tuh!

Aku bukan dengki ke hapa...tapi aku rasa lebih baik ban terus dari merosakan moral dan akhlak masyrakat melayu.

dah lama aku perhatikan jer. Rata-rata 80% pengguna vape adalah org2 melayu. Peniaga vape pon ramai org2 melayu.

Tak kire ler lelaki ke pompan ke, awek berhijab ke, awek rambut perang ke, budak2 kecik ke...semuanyer melayu. Dah lah tu, berlagak plak isap vape depan org ramai.

ishhkk..korang tak rase segan silu ke??

aku nie yg isap rokok biasa pon ader rasa malu biler nak isap rokok depan org ramai. most of the time, aku akan lari jauh2 semunyik blakang tembok utk menghembuskan asap rokok.

pasal aku tahu, ramai tak suka dgn perokok mcm aku nih. asap rokok nie pon tidak menyenangkan org!

begitu jugak dgn vape nie. walopon wap vape nie tidak lah merbahaya seperti asap rokok (itu yg dorang ckp lah), tapi asap yg berkepol-kepol mcm asap kapal tu bnyk mendatangkan tidak keselesaan dgn org2 disekeliling.

nak isap pon tgk tempat lah. kalo korang gie clubbing ke, disco ke, tak lah ketara sangat. nie tidak, culture songsang nie korang buat kat majlis kawen, kat tempat2 awam, dlm restoran, kat skolah, buatpe??

biler vape kena ban, korang nak marah2. tapi tengok lah cara korang tu yg tak beretika biler hembus asap vape.

nak salah kan sape?? salah kan diri sendiri laaa...

nak isap vape sampai mampos pon ape aku kisah. tapi jagalah etika, moral dan akhlak biler depan org ramai.

jgn lah ko ajar budak2 kecik tiru benda2 yg tak patut.

nie lah melayu, biler ckp bodoh tak terima.

ahh...marah lah tuu!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cahaya Nur Yang Terpancar!

MAK aku kater, kalo kiter orang yg baik, hati suci murni, solat tak tinggal dan selalu berbaik sangka sesama manusia, maka akan terpancar lah cahaya 'NUR' pada wajah kiter.

Maka terbukti lah hari ini, aper yg telah dikatakan oleh mak aku dulu tu adelah benar, tiada yg tak benar dan amat2 lah benar belaka...mcm si budak Ijoy nie,

Tuhan itu maha kaya lagi maha mengetahui.


ps: ... muka mintak kena sepak si budak ijoy nih! ishkk...

Nur Nilam Sari (M.Nasir)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Banggakah Kita Dengan Agama Melayu?

"So I went to AMK to buy some dvd's from VEEGOO. Walking towards the bus stop and saw this uncle begging for money. So I gave him 10 bucks. Not much. Just enough for a meal. Then I thought why not ask him out to eat at the coffeeshop? No harm trying mah. Luckily he agreed. So I bought him chicken rice since he said he wanted to eat it since morning. He havent eaten anything since 8am! Talked to him la, where he stay?How old? Stay with who? Found out that he's freaking 83 years old. Stayed with his wife at AMK area and said he had 1 child. But he's no longer around. Not trying to show off what I did la. But if any of you happen to see him at AMK Hub area, buy him a meal or something. May not mean alot to us, but maybe, it meant alot to him. Look at his smile! Love it! Wish I still have my granddad with me.."



Agama Melayu memang tidak kenal erti permusuhan dan perkauman.

Agama Melayu memang tidak kenal erti kebencian dan keegoan.

Agama Melayu memang tidak kenal erti kebakhilan....

Itu sebab Agama Melayu boleh hidup senang dimana2 jua bumi dipijak...

Itulah kehebatan Agama Melayu!

Hidup Melayu! *Laungkan 3 kali sambil throw punches in the air!*

ps: Menangis granddad ko kalo dia tengok tattoo kat tangan ko tuh...

Opera Hidup (Wings)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Salam Ma'al Hijrah 1437H

Inilah di antara tulisan terbaik Syekh Ali Thanthawi Mesir Rahimahullah:

Pada saat engkau mati, janganlah kau bersedih. Jangan pedulikan jasadmu yang sudah mulai layu, karena kaum muslimin akan mengurus jasadmu. Mereka akan melucuti pakaianmu, memandikanmu dan mengkafanimu lalu membawamu ke tempatmu yang baru, kuburan.

Akan banyak orang yang mengantarkan jenazahmu bahkan mereka akan meninggalkan pekerjaannya untuk ikut menguburkanmu. Dan mungkin banyak yang sudah tidak lagi memikirkan nasihatmu pada suatu hari.....

Barang barangmu akan dikemas; kunci kuncimu, kitab, koper, sepatu dan pakaianmu. Jika keluargamu setuju barang2 itu akan disedekahkan agar bermanfaat untukmu.

Yakinlah; dunia dan alam semesta tidak akan bersedih dg kepergianmu. Ekonomi akan tetap berlangsung! Posisi pekerjaanmu akan diisi orang lain. Hartamu menjadi harta halal bagi ahli warismu. Sedangkan kamu yg akan dihisab dan diperhitungkan untuk yang kecil dan yang besar dari hartamu!

Kesedihan atasmu ada 3;
Orang yg mengenalmu sekilas akan mengatakan, kasihan. Kawan2mu akan bersedih beberapa jam atau beberapa hari lalu mereka kembali seperti sediakala dan tertawa tawa! Di rumah ada kesedihan yg mendalam! Keluargamu akan bersedih seminggu dua minggu, sebulan dua bulan, dan mungkin hingga setahun?? Selanjutnya mereka meletakkanmu dalam arsip kenangan!

Demikianlah "Kisahmu telah berakhir di tengah2 manusia". Dan kisahmu yang sesungguhnya baru dimulai, Akhirat!! Telah musnah kemuliaan, harta, kesehatan, dan anak. Telah engkau tinggalkan rumah, istana dan istri tercinta. Kini hidup yg sesungguhnya telah dimulai.

Pertanyaannya adalah:
Apa persiapanmu untuk kuburmu dan Akhiratmu??
Hakikat ini memerlukan perenungan.

Usahakan dengan sungguh2;
Menjalankan kewajiban kewajiban, hal-hal yg disunnahkan, sedekah rahasia, merahasiakan amal shalih, shalat malam, Semoga saja engkau selamat.

Andai engkau mengingatkan manusia dengan tulisan ini insyaAllah pengaruhnya akan engkau temui dalam timbangan kebaikanmu pada hari Kiamat. "Berilah peringatan, karena peringatan itu bermanfaat bagi orang orang mukmin"

(Diterjemahkan oleh Ust. Ainul Haris, semoga Allah mengampuninya)
Moga 1437H memberi sinar baru dlm kehidupan kita semua, selamat semuanya...

Tangan Ku Hulur Maaf Ku Pohon (Al-Mizan)

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